Technology Tender as a Service

Just like large technology partners, we have access to the same pricing, same distributors for your hardware, software and print solutions at competitive prices, including allowing your purchasing teams access to a pre-built e-commerce platform to purchase bundled devices on agreed prefixed pricing models.

Take the hassle out of the tender process with better technology.

Outbound Solutions can be an ideal partner for all your technology needs. Whether you are a company just starting out or an established business needing a trusted advisor for new projects or purely an independent consultant to reassess a current solution. Outbound Solutions can help source and manage technology requirements ranging from cloud solutions, security assessments, access to hardware, software, and much more.

Everything under one roof

Just like the larger technology organisations, we have access to the same distribution channel, the same vendors, and the same pricing. This means we can truly become your ‘one stop shop’ when you are looking to acquire, move, update, or consolidate information.

Trusted Microsoft Partner

Another benefit of using Outbound Solutions is that as we are a Microsoft trusted partner, we can also administer and sell all of your licensing and agreements on hardware and software items. Thus, making the administration process easy and manageable for your team.

How we can help

We totally understand the number of hours involved and business collaboration required both internal and externally when organising a company tender to truly reflect your technology needs. The amount of information requested, and proposals submitted can be overwhelming and, in some cases, may not cover all that you actually want. If you decided to change your business scope during the tender process it could mean starting all over again. We know the amount of organisation it takes to manage incoming bids, score them and making important decisions, so we wanted to invest in something that takes the hassle out of these processes and make it more streamline to cater for your projects.

We can work with your procurement team and help find a supplier to provide fixed costs and fixed margin solutions. We can help source technology that offer to create your own e-commerce department to access potential hardware, software, and bundled pricing for self-ordering, to help with your procurement needs.

To make the tender process more streamlined we are delighted to say that we have invested in an online platform that makes it clear and simple to request, collate and change your requirement with ease.


It works by using a targeted question-based submission form that can instantly have many vendors respond to your tender request. The type of subjects we can cover, but are not limited to, are detailed below:

Interactive quick assessments (IQAs)

Broadband & Connectivity

Unified Communications (UCaaS)

Contact Centre (CCaaS)



Data Centre Locator

Find the right data centre with the features and characteristics you need from a global database of over 1600 data centres. Search by:

  • Geographic location(s)
  • Data centre tier
  • Hyperscale connectivity
  • Services provided
  • Compliance certifications

Fibre Locator

Find out what fibre is located in your target locations and nearby fibre routes from hundreds of fibre providers globally.

  • Find providers that can service your location(s)
  • Route visualisation overlayed on Google Maps
  • Robust filtering options
  • Simplifies new location planning
  • Find truly redundant routes


If you have ever been involved in a tender process or built a process for Request For Information (RFI) and Request For Proposal (RFP) you will know how much time and effort it takes, and how many people need to be involved from around the business. Then on top of that is managing all the multiple vendors, scoring them, and reducing it down to the preferred one for two.

Network Solutions

Add on our network solutions for a complete, turnkey solution for your business.
We can provide your fixed network circuits, broadband, leased lines and wide area networks from a core set of partner-only providers with competitive pricing and service level agreements.

Would you like an exploratory discussion with an Outbound Solutions IT Expert?

Build a pathway to technical excellence.

No cost and no obligation. Assessing and reporting on the controls, processes, and policies that you have in place is a critical part of every organisation’s IT program. The good news is that Outbound Solutions have you covered and can provide the direction you need to mitigate your risk. We will assist your organisation in building a culture of security and complying with the regulations necessary for your business, all while helping you save time, money, and resources in the process.