Cyber Security

Protecting your business data, identity and reputation from cyber-attacks has never been more important than it is today. Outbound Solutions forward-thinking, thorough approach to cyber security is backed by unmatched technical expertise and hands-on experience. Clients rely on our cyber security and SOC team to resolve data breaches, restore data, and create new solutions to prevent future threats.

Cyber Security Experts you can trust

We have dedicated engineers with more than 20 years of experience in IT security. Our clients benefit greatly from having access to multiple Cyber Security experts with different specialisations. In most cases, it is impossible to identify a single resource with the relevant training and experience in all fields and with knowledge of all types of cyber threats.

Chief Information Security Officer’s (CISO), Security Engineers, Security Consultants and qualified Security Auditors can be expensive for even the multi-national companies. Having access to our consultants not only brings this price point down to a manageable monthly cost, allows customers to have access to range of comprehensive and advanced IT Security solutions that are managed regularly or on an ad hoc basis.

“Two years ago, Outbound Solutions performed a Penetration Testing Audit, and a Security Code Review for us. Since the team successfully provided quality services – on time – and within budget, and the collaboration grew. We even recommended their services to our customers for their professionalism and transparency, as they are always proactive and reliable.”

Outbound Solutions Cyber Security Services


Cyber Security Architecture and Strategy

Security begins with strategy and relies on infrastructure. Our experts design top-of-the-line network and architecture security solutions to protect your business from cyber attacks.


Endpoint Protection / Ransomware Protection

We offer a number of solutions in the next generation of Endpoint Protection, Detection and Response for all budgets from small business to enterprise. All featured on Gartner’s Endpoint Protection Magic Quadrant. In addition to these we have two solutions that offer additional ransomeware protection, detection and guided threat hunting.

Disaster Recovery

Our team responds quickly to a data breach so that you are back to normal operations quickly and with a plan to eliminate system vulnerabilities. Do you have a disaster recover strategy or plan in place, has it been tested, we can quickly assist you in getting up and running.

Business Continuity

Having a robust and tested business continuity plan is not only good practice; it proves to your customers and suppliers that you are a mature and proactive business. We can review your plans and procedures, expand them where appropriate and arrange for testing or put a strategy in place to ensure your organisation builds and maintains its continuity plans on an ongoing basis.

Data Security and Backup

Where is your data held? If it is held off site for backup purposes, where is it? Who has access to it? Is it encrypted? Knowing where your data is and who has access to it is a major step in ensuring IT security and Cyber Security for your organisation.


Virtual Security Officer

Employing dedicated security teams and security officers is costly. That’s why we support SME and growing businesses with our Virtual Security Officer (or vCSO) service, providing you with a dedicated professional to act as your security team and take care of your IT and data security activities.

Staff Training

The last line of defense against Cyber attacks is your employees, so training them is essential. The training we provide empowers end users to identify and avert the latest threats within your industry. We offer remote and on-site training for your IT teams and business staff. The training covers cyber security topics, industry trends, and attack vectors tailored to your needs. Annual training is recommended in order to keep your employees up-to-date. Training can also be offered as part of your standard induction process. Recent additions to these courses include topics for distributed work forces, working from home and protecting the corporate assets in this new post-pandemic era.


Free Cyber Security Assessment

The Cyber Security assessment is designed to give you an overview of your current cyber security levels, along with expert recommendations and advice to help you take the next steps. Did you know we offer a small Cyber Security Assessment aimed at small businesses to provide a brief snapshot on the areas to focus and improve on. Why not try the no obligation assessment today, contact us for further information.

Public Discovery Testing

We offer a full public domain scan of your domain, resulting in a free report that gives you a high-level overview of what public information is available both on the internet and dark web including some information on your public websites. This is a light-touch security assessment and is often quite revealing. Public discovery testing is performed to collect publicly available personal and/or sensitive data about the company. This information is usually accessible to every internet user. Such information is then tested with the possibility of data theft in mind. A quick and simple activity, this activity exposes basic security risks to your organisation.

Web Application Scanning

Also referred to as web application vulnerability scanning, is an automatic security program that searches for software vulnerabilities within web applications.
The software first crawls and builds a software construct of the entire website. This gives the scanner an insight into the application, which then performs automatic audit for common security vulnerabilities by launching a series of web attacks. The consultants then manually verify these security vulnerabilities.It would be positioned to check for vulnerability code that has been introduced to the SharePoint Extranets.

Vulnerability Assessment

Discover, identify and classify the vulnerabilities and security weaknesses in the organisation’s computer, network, or communications infrastructure. Vulnerability Assessment provides an insight into an organisation’s current state of security, and the effectiveness of its countermeasures.

Penetration Testing

A penetration test is a simulated cyber attack against your computer system to test the security controls of your organisation and to check for exploitable vulnerabilities. The Penetration Test simulates the attacks which a hacker might undertake to exploit the weaknesses in your organisation’s network and applications. This service identifies external and internal vulnerabilities which would give access to the critical assets of the organisation. The Penetration Test validates the configurations of IT Assets and produces a list of known vulnerabilities present in the systems and applications. These findings are used to mitigate weaknesses before they are exploited.

Cyber Security Maturity Assessment

While Cyber Security is often driven from a technology view point have you considered how the rest of your business views Cyber Security? Do they understand what it means? How they can help in their every day activities, in their processes and procedures? Do they even understand the organisations risk profile and attitude towards security? Our assessment reviews the whole organisation stand on Cyber Security, it will perform a series of informal interviews aimed at all levels of the organisational structure and focuses on 10 core domains, derived and based on the Cybersecurity Capability Maturity Model (C2M2). The assessment focuses on process, procedures, asset, change, threat / vulnerability management, event / incident response, supply chain, workforce management and program management.

Corporate Risk Management

Risk management is important in any organisation because without it a firm cannot possibly define its objectives for the future. We understand the goal of risk management is to make sure that the company only takes the risks that will help it achieve its primary objectives while keeping all other risks under control, governed, and documented.
We assist with the design, build, and run a corporate risk management framework, company security policies, password policies, risk registers and risk assessments – we can come in and hit the ground running for your business to maintain moving forward.

GDPR Readiness

Stay on the right side of data protection laws with our GDPR Readiness certification through CyberSmart. Cyber Essentials certification covers some elements of GDPR compliance and is a great place to start. But, if you’ve already completed Cyber Essentials (within the last 6 months), we recommend the IASME GDPR Readiness certificate for complete reassurance you’re doing the right thing. GDPR readiness builds on Cyber Essentials, going much deeper to ensure you’re assessing business risks, dealing with incidents, and handling operational issues correctly. We don’t make GDPR any more complicated than it needs to be. We’ll guide you through the process step-by-step and get you certified, fast.

Cyber Essentials and Essentials Plus

Offered as a year round assurance As-A-Service as opposed to annual single audit, we provide an online portal where Cyber Essentials and Plus progress can be tracked easily, quickly and efficiently. With a virtual auditor on hand to assist and carry out the annual assessment this service allows you to keep on top of the accreditation compared to the mad annual panic. A unique addition to this service is our Active Protect agent that will manage, protect and ensure all your devices as Essentials Plus accredited 24x7x365 for a small per device cost – a huge cost saver in terms of technology management and eases the annual assessment by up to 60%. The added benefit of Active Protect allows organisations to distribute their Policies via this lightweight agent and ensure staff read and sign off on them – fully centralised reporting and auditing of these and with this service we also offer FREE Cyber Security Insurance. For more information, visit our Cyber Essentials Information Page


Cyber Resilience-as-a-Service

Cyber security deals with preventing and mitigating cyber threats, while cyber resilience encompasses the ability to withstand and recover from cyber incidents while maintaining essential business functions. Cyber resilience is a broader approach that includes cybersecurity as a fundamental component but extends to organisational preparedness, response, and recovery. Outbound builds cyber security best practices into all that we do and focus on helping our clients to achieve Cyber Resilience. For more information, visit our Cyber Resilience-as-a-Service Page

Managed Security Services

For the best Cyber security protection, Outbound Solutions offer 24/7/365 Managed Security. This is a service consisting of security monitoring, endpoint software, continuous improvement of your environment, and includes constant adjustments to your environment to ensure your business stays safe. Cyber security is an around-the clock exercise. Most organisations cannot maintain an in-house cyber security team, which is why many choose to partner with us, where we give you access to expert security analysts who act as an extension to your internal IT team.

“I have been using Outbound Solutions for a number of years now. The team are incredible. Highly professional and easy to deal with. Outbound Solutions always considers the needs of my organisation. I highly recommend the team.”

“We’re proud to help our clients thrive!”

– Outbound Solutions Security Team

We offer Cyber Security Assessments that identify potential risks, identify vulnerabilities, and address process improvements to strengthen your security in line with industry standards.
The goal of protecting your business’s data and securing the infrastructure is to establish effective security practices that address critical business requirements.

Performing a cyber security assessment is the best way to identify weak points, manage security risks, and help meet compliance requirements. 65,000+ cyber attacks are committed annually against businesses. Keeping your business secure through cyber security assessments is essential for ensuring basic cyber hygiene, and it provides protection against the catastrophic implications of cyber-attacks. Data breaches can cost SMEs £50-£150k and larger organisations can cost upwards of £500k.

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Our tailor-made Cyber Security Assessment is designed to reduce security risks and improve compliance. Our cyber security experts are fully qualified and understand internal and external threats that face businesses.

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