Sustainable IT

Together with our partners we help companies decarbonise their IT estate.

Here at Outbound we value our planet, our global environments and the future for the next generations.

This is why we have taken a number of strategic decisions around our services, our offices, our culture, our people and even our providers. We offer full a number of core sustainable services including:

  • Full turn key recycling – taking the headache away from you
  • Full WEEE recycling and carbon reduction
  • Secure data erasure
  • Re-furbishment and re-deployment
  • IT Asset Re-sale and reporting
  • Full chain of custody
  • All our staff virtual / remote
  • No permanent office overhead
  • Hardware reduction
  • Softphones
  • Cloud PC’s
  • Limited overheads
  • Charity donations
  • Sustainable ICT Procurement – support net zero
  • Worlds first certified carbon neutral laptops
  • Cloud desktops on sustainable clouds
  • Solutions built on Microsoft, AWS and Google sustainable cloud environments

Buying new laptops has a bigger footprint than you think.

From the amount of resources used to CO2 produced, it’s staggering how much of an impact buying laptops has on the earth.
This multiplies when you’re a medium or large business that procures thousands of laptops for your employees.
The sustainable alternative to new is remanufactured laptops.

Together with our partners we help companies decarbonise their IT estate.

In order to promote a sustainable future, Outbound Hub and its partners embrace the need for change. In order to reduce the carbon footprint of discarding IT products, we collect, refurbish, and recycle old technology securely.

Environmental legislation and sustainability have come a long way since the introduction of the WEEE directive. The UK ranks fifth in the world for the volume of e-waste it produces per inhabitant, ranking among the most profligate producers of e-waste. Due to the shorter lifespan of consumer electronics such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones, e-waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the UK.

You can significantly contribute towards your ESG goals by enabling a sustainable IT procurement strategy, without compromising on your IT requirements.

What are the Sustainable Outcomes with 1 Laptop ?

What are the Sustainable Outcomes with 1 Laptop?

Report 316kgs of carbon avoided in CSR under Scope 3

Each laptop is certified carbon neutral. 316kgs of CO2 per laptop can be reported as avoided under Scope 3 carbon reporting.

Report 5 trees have been planted, helping people & planet

Working with our reforestation partners, we plant 5 trees for every laptop in India and Africa, creating income diversity and making earth cooler

600kgs of CO2 captured, offsetting CO2 from use

When we plant 5 trees for each laptop, a minimum of 120Kgs of Co2 is captured by each tree over their lifetime. Helping to compensate for “embodied” carbon emissions from each laptops original manufacture and first three years use.

Report 1,200kgs of resources preserved

1,200kgs is the waste footprint of a brand new laptop. By reusing what has already been made, you are avoiding the mining of critical and virgin rare earth resources.

Report 190,000 litres of water saved

A Brand new laptop has a water footprint of 190,000 litres due to extraction, refining and production. By reusing what has already been made, you are avoiding wasting all this water.

0% e-waste produced & Circular Buy Back

Our unique remanufacturing process ensures that 99.% of product is re-used preventing the unnecessary disposal of laptops.

Sustainable Laptops for Business


Find out how much CO2 your organisation could save by procuring remanufactured laptops

If your organisation would like to impose a better lifecycle management for your IT, and adopt a full lifecycle approach to your IT, Outbound Hub can work with your organisation to arrange Re-Deployment for devices from leavers to be used for new hires, arrange old devices to be refurbished securely, and arrange Recycling.