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Invest in Azure to future-proof your business

Outbound Solutions is a trusted advisory and Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP), helping businesses globally to go forward. With our resources at every stage of your cloud migration strategy and modernisation journey, including tools and guidance to help you move, manage, and secure all your workloads.

Cloud Migration and Modernisation with Microsoft Azure

A global pandemic demonstrated the need for organisations to be agile and resilient when faced with unexpected challenges.
With Azure, you can innovate in new ways by adopting an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) model. You’ll also be able to take advantage of more innovation opportunities with PaaS offerings that are fully managed.

We provide full Azure managed services and full cost optimisation within the service free of charge. Our service can take on an existing environment within 60 days and provide full managed services, patch management, AV management and environment configuration, project work, design, migrations, adds, moves and changes.


Virtual Desktops

You can access your desktop and applications virtually anywhere. Secure remote work with Azure Virtual Desktop (formerly Windows Virtual Desktop).


Web Apps

Spend more time innovating and less time managing infrastructure by modernising your .NET, Java and PHP web apps with Azure App Service, Azure Spring Apps, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), with your choice of managed databases.


Mainframe and midrange migration

We can run your midrange and mainframe applications on Azure for easy modernization without abandoning the applications you rely on.


Storage Migration

It’s possible to migrate terabytes to petabytes of file and object data to Azure with ease to support migration and modernisation deployments.

Microsoft 365 + Azure

We set up your Azure infrastructure environment and ensure it connects to your Microsoft 365 environment. Microsoft 365 uses Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) to manage user identities behind the scenes. Your Microsoft 365 subscription includes a free Azure AD subscription so that you can integrate your on-premises Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) to synchronise user accounts and passwords or set up single sign-on. You can also purchase advanced features to better manage your accounts. Azure AD also offers other functionality, like managing integrated apps, that you can use to extend and customise your Microsoft 365 subscriptions.



On-premises Windows Server and Linux distributions can be easily migrated to Azure. VMware environments can be extended to Azure with Azure VMware Solution.


We can migrate SQL Server to Azure Virtual Machines or a fully managed option like Azure SQL Database as well as migrate and modernise MySQL and PostgreSQL to fully managed Azure services. Get minimal downtime and built-in HA, monitoring, and security.



We can bring Azure intelligence, security, and reliability to SAP with a simplified migration path.

Development testing (dev/test)

Improve software quality and reduce costs by moving dev/test to Azure. Quickly deploy and manage hundreds of VMs for development and testing.

Extending Azure management & services to hybrid, multicloud, & edge environments

You can extend Azure management and services to hybrid, multicloud, and edge environments using Azure Arc. By integrating your existing resources into Azure Resource Manager, Azure Arc simplifies governance and management by offering a consistent multicloud and on-premises management platform. You can also manage virtual machines, Kubernetes clusters, and databases as if they’re running in Azure.

Why partner with us for your Microsoft Azure technology needs?

We are a silver Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partner (CSP) proving our accreditation in these services, and we can provide these services direct to you on more flexible payment terms and even include add on services such as Microsoft 365 backup services or Microsoft 365 managed services.

Migrating to the cloud and modernizing it is a continuous process that offers opportunities for innovation and flexibility at every stage. IaaS migrations are often the first step for organizations to take advantage of cloud benefits right away, while PaaS offerings increase developer productivity and agility. No matter which approach you begin with, you’ll be able to start innovating in new ways right away, and you can always adopt new IaaS or PaaS capabilities anytime.

Microsoft Azure Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Azure PaaS delivers simple cloud-based apps to complex, cloud-enabled applications. By leveraging Azure PaaS, you can maximize productivity and security for your workforce. Cloud-based services and custom apps built with Azure can benefit from a range of trusted elements, including DevOps, IoT, and AI. Azure is designed to fulfill a wide range of needs, so the possibilities are truly endless.

Using the Azure platform, businesses can manage day-to-day challenges and strive to achieve their goals. All industries are supported, including e-commerce and finance, as well as Fortune 500 companies. A wide range of open source technologies are also compatible with it. You have come to the right place if you are looking for the flexibility to use all your favourite tools and technologies.

Developers can use PaaS to build or customize a variety of cloud-based applications.

BI or analytics. In addition to improving forecasting, decision-making, and investment returns, organizations can use these tools to analyze and mine their data, uncover insights and patterns, and predict outcomes.

Additional services are available. Additionally, providers can enhance applications with their services. A workflow, a directory, a security system, and a scheduling system may be included in these categories.

Do you need help setting up and maintaining a virtual desktop?

Azure Desktop

Are you looking to save time, resource and boost employee efficiency?
Get help from Outbound Solutions, certified experts, and Silver Microsoft Partners. We will help you enable secure remote working, understand what you need and how to get started with Azure Virtual Desktop, and then maintain your Virtual Desktop for you.