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Systems Vulnerability Testing and Security Services

The escalation of cyber security threats remains relentless, with cyber criminals worldwide setting their sights on companies and organisations of every size, industry, and geographical location.

Our Systems Vulnerability and Security Services embody a proactive strategy designed to shield computer systems, networks, and devices from cyber assaults. Our primary goal is to mitigate the repercussions of such attacks and fortify your most precious corporate asset: your data.

Reduce your cyber risk by 98.5%

Spot and monitor for potential threats such as ransomware.
Always be prepared with in-depth regular scans. We have you covered!

We aid organisations in assessing their exposure to risk by utilising publicly accessible information about your company on the internet.

With just your organisation's domain, we can evaluate your company's vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities are open and accessible to all, constantly monitored by cyber attackers' bots, forming the foundation for both widespread and specific attacks.

Active Directory (AD) penetration testing within a Windows environment involves emulating the maneuvers of a potential intruder with access to the corporate network.

This access might be gained physically or via a compromised workstation. The primary aim is to pinpoint susceptible assets that impact the organisation's boundaries and suggest strategies to enhance the security stance of the AD. The core purpose of Active Directory testing is to uncover security concerns within an organisation's internal network.

The aims of vulnerability assessment encompass the recognition, categorisation, and ranking of vulnerabilities present in networks, databases, and applications.

This endeavor extends beyond typical scans, involving the application of tailored testing protocols to uncover breaches and misconfigurations within the customer's environment. The acquired data is then used to classify and prioritise vulnerabilities following industry-leading principles of risk management.
Concerning the various types of vulnerability assessments, these responsibilities can encompass:
- Evaluations of networks and wireless systems
- Assessments of individual hosts
- Appraisals of databases
- Analysis of applications

Within a cyber threat intelligence assessment, our certified ethical hackers adopt your organisation as their hypothetical target, collecting the very data they would utilise to orchestrate a successful attack.

In the course of this threat assessment, our focus lies on gathering information that could potentially empower attackers to mimic influential decision-makers, execute more potent cyber assaults, initiate social engineering endeavors, and ultimately breach your security. This gathered intelligence is subsequently employed to formulate preventive measures, preempt potential threats, and detect cyber risks that exploit such publicly accessible information.

Construct your cyber security action strategy grounded in factual information.

Your trusted ally for Security & Compliance in alignment with GDPR regulations. The Cyber Security Assessment Tool (CSAT) is designed to swiftly furnish an organisation's IT teams with an understanding of potential cyber threats, aiding them in determining the precise areas and methods for enhancing their security protocols. CSAT expeditiously examines the complete corporate infrastructure, encompassing Microsoft 365 and Azure subscriptions, in search of potential vulnerabilities and zones of risk. This comprehensive analysis guides informed and rational security investments, prioritizing the organisation's vulnerabilities.

Phishing poses a significant and escalating threat, consistently expanding its reach each year.

It currently holds the position of the second most costly contributor to data breaches. We provide tailored phishing campaigns administered by our specialised service experts, catering to companies of all sizes, industries, and unique requirements.

Reduce your cyber risk by 98.5%

Spot and monitor for potential threats such as ransomware.
Always be prepared with in-depth regular scans. We have you covered!

Penetration Testing

In the contemporary digital landscape, the Internet of Things (IoT) devices constitute an increasingly substantial portion of internet-connected entities.

With the advent of 5G technology, the IoT realm is anticipated to expand even further. During an IoT penetration test, our objective is to uncover security vulnerabilities stemming from the usage of IoT devices that might expose customers to potential attackers.

This involves a comprehensive analysis and testing of the entire ecosystem of IoT devices, spanning from hardware components to cloud-based systems. We assess the customer's security posture concerning IoT, aiming to accurately pinpoint vulnerabilities and assign an encompassing risk score.

Our ultimate aim is to offer the customer a comprehensive and lucid understanding of potential attack routes, the potential ramifications, and to provide meticulously tailored remediation suggestions. This approach ensures the identification and resolution or mitigation of all identified issues, thus maximizing customer protection.

The goal is to replicate an external-originating attack on the infrastructure.

This simulation aims to pinpoint and assess all internet-facing assets that a potential adversary could exploit to infiltrate the corporate network. Our approach combines automated and manual tools to verify the efficacy of your security measures, including firewalls and intrusion prevention systems.

Emulates an attack conducted from inside an organisation's security perimeter.

The objective is to evaluate the consequences of an insider attack perpetrated by a malicious individual, like a dissatisfied employee. The procedure is customised according to the client's requirements; however, it generally involves identifying susceptible instances and extracting mission-critical data.

The objective of web application penetration testing is to evaluate the security status of web applications by detecting and analysing vulnerabilities that stem from inadequate design and implementation methods. This process involves employing both automated and manual tools to verify the efficiency of security measures, including technologies like a web application firewall (WAF), as an instance.

API penetration testing concentrates on evaluating the security stance of environments reliant on APIs for data transmission. The aim is to manipulate the application's logic, potentially leading to the disclosure of sensitive data through unauthorized access to restricted functionalities and privilege levels. Testing procedures primarily involve the application of enumeration and exploitation techniques as outlined in the OWASP API Testing Guide.

The aim of mobile app penetration testing is to uncover security vulnerabilities within tailor-made mobile applications for both Android and iOS platforms.

Our assessment of an app's security involves a comprehensive analysis, encompassing both static and dynamic methods, in accordance with the testing principles outlined by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP).

Cloud penetration testing is centered around identifying design, deployment, and configuration vulnerabilities present in cloud-based environments.

Our team of cyber consultants employ an extensive array of tools, methodologies, and protocols to evaluate an organisation's stance from both external and internal viewpoints. It's worth noting that recent security breaches have often been a result of misconfigurations and inadequate access policies. Our role is to facilitate our clients' comprehension of these risks and provide recommendations for implementing mitigation strategies to foster a more secure ecosystem.

The primary goal of conducting a Wi-Fi penetration test is to uncover security vulnerabilities within the existing Wi-Fi network implementations.

This type of testing might also encompass the utilisation of social engineering tactics, where users are manipulated into divulging their Wi-Fi passwords or their network traffic is manipulated. These methods are prevalent attack vectors, and in many instances, if equipped with a sufficiently potent network adapter, they can even be replicated from an external location, such as a street.

The Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology presents sophisticated and streamlined communication solutions.

However, VoIP also introduces additional features, which in turn create new avenues for potential attacks. Implementing mitigation measures becomes crucial to enhance an organization's overall security stance. The aim of a VoIP penetration test is to uncover security vulnerabilities within the existing VoIP infrastructure implementation(s).


  • Cost-effective, year-round protection from cyber threats
  • Covers every device in your network
  • Save time through automated reporting
  • Simple, jargon-free reports
  • Step-by-step guides to fixing issues

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