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Insights by Outbound


Past Events…

Cyber Resilience Summit

The Journey to Cyber Resilience

On the 19th October 2023, we addressed the most pressing cyber security topics that businesses need to know now, and provided expert insight, tools and strategies to maintain secure, resilient organisation.

On Demand…

Teams and Power Platform as enablers to transform business processes

Within this session, we look at how Teams and Power Platforms are an enabler to help transform your business processes. You will hear from a series of speakers from Microsoft, our partners and customers on what they’ve learnt.



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Expert Opinion

The Outbound Group has an accomplished team of industry specialists who champion technology and the potential it unlocks. We place great emphasis on hiring employees with a proven customer-first mindset. With our inspirational and innovative partners, we strive to set the bar for performance, quality, security, and reliability beyond what our clients expect. Unlock your potential with our resources below.

The curse of the Friday afternoon training session

The curse of the Friday afternoon training session

Three reasons why Friday afternoon’s (or in fact any afternoon in some industries!) may not be a good time to run a training course. Does this ring a bell? You’re invited to attend a training course or a workshop on a Friday afternoon; what are the things that go...

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Data Sheets

Microsoft 365 for Business

Microsoft 365 for Non-Profits

Outbound Virtual IT Services

Company News

ConnectWise Partner Golf Day

ConnectWise Partner Golf Day

ConnectWise Partner Golf Day What a fantastic day on the green at The Grove! A huge shoutout to ConnectWise for hosting an unforgettable golf day. The pristine fairways and challenging holes made for a memorable round of golf, but it was the camaraderie and networking...

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Outbound Group joins security partners at PCR Awards

Outbound Group joins security partners at PCR Awards

We are thrilled to share that Outbound Group had the privilege of being a part of the PCR Awards ceremony last night, thanks to our incredible partners, CyberSmart and Brigantia Partners Limited. It was an honour to be recognised as one of their strategic security...

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