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Case Study

Outbound™ Continues to help clients move to the cloud

Cloud Email Migration Solution


Organisation: Mr Organic
Industry: Food Producer and Importer
Number of Email and Local Storage Users: 20

Outbound’s™ cloud migration service enabled a successful organic food producer, Mr Organic, to move away from their traditional on-premise solutions. Working with the business, Outbound gave Mr Organic the confidence to make the changes using the cloud to enhance communication and reliability.


Mr. Organic started with a delicious range of tomatoes, sauces and ketchups all produced in their own tomato factory in Pontinia, south of Rome. Placed right in the middle of the tomato fields, the tomatoes are brought to the production base by tractor travelling only a short journey allowing for them to be processed within 5 hours of harvest.

Mr. Organic have been working with the same farmers near their production base in Pontinia, for many years. All their farmers produce only organic tomatoes exclusively for themselves.

Having their farms so close also means that its only a short journey by tractor to bring the tomatoes to their production base, keeping carbon emissions to a minimum and the flavour of their tomatoes intact. In addition, their production base is using 100% renewable energy across the production process.


  • Move to Microsoft’s 365 productivity cloud
  • Watchguard Adaptive Defence 360
  • “Big bang” migration
  • Microsoft Exchange Online
  • OneDrive deployment
  • Microsoft 365 Backup Solution
  • Secure Endpoint Protection, Detection and Response
  • Communication and collaboration platform


  • A single cloud archive supports compliance and eDiscovery
  • Robust security and enhanced reliability support customer communication via email
  • A single, cloud-based solution reduces email management time

“Outbound provided a really effective solution for our IT setup, bringing everything together to create a much simpler, effective and robust operation. They thoroughly reviewed our needs ahead of designing the setup, explained the different aspects they were offering and delivered by far the smoothest migration I’ve experienced. Their aftercare and support has also been exemplary.”

Kelly Harding

Operations Manager, Mr Organic


Mr Organic is a fast-growing food exporter that specialises in organic produce and serving retail and wholesale markets. It is based in Islington, London and employs up to 20 people.

Key stakeholders are based in Italy and they wanted to be able to communicate and collaborate on a single platform and do this securely.

After referral and recommendation to meet with Outbound, the next steps were to understand their requirements and working closely with the Operations Manager to make sure the migration from the existing provider and Google was seamless and a smooth transition.

For recipes and organic produce visit Mr Organic


The brief was focused on migrating email and files from an on-premise solution to Microsoft 365.

We delivered a multi vendor solution, all cloud based to cover their endpoint security, remove on-premise based storage, migrate to Microsoft 365 and implement Microsoft Teams.

Watchguard’s full advanced endpoint protection, detection and response was selected for its unified platform, integrated patch management and centralised overview.

Outbound is now the Cloud Service Provider of choice for Mr Organic, delivering a number of free value added services including a 365 back up solution to protect their data.

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