Case Study

Outbound™ implements new email security platform

Global Email Security Services


Industry: Global media company
Email Users: A global media company with 500 users providing advertising platform, which helps brands and agencies manage the creation, optimization, storage and delivery of their content.


This company has operations in multiple countries globally and needs to ensure the devices are under support. At the time using Microsoft 365 cloud email with additional email security solution that required replacing.
They wanted a trusted IT provider to advise and demonstrate another and alternative Global email security solution before their current annual renewal.
They have multiple sites around the world and needed were seeking a single and more cost effect email security provider.


  • Proofpoint Email Protection, Targeted Threat Protection, URL &
    Attachment Defence, Threat Response
  • Cloud managed
  • 24x7x365 Platinum level Support
  • Replaced incumbent solution following successful proof-of-concept


  • Cost effective solution
  • Like for like or advanced protection
  • Ease of use (UI), management and training
  • Full implementation
  • Increased email security – stopped threats over and above current


The company had an existing email security platform, which they were
happy with but would look at another more cost-effective solution, that met their global security needs.
Impersonate and simulated attacks (phishing) with email security suite was a requirement.
Security Awareness Training was key to the stakeholders that manage this.
Cost effective annual agreement with no migration costs was needed.
Timing and planning was key as they couldn’t afford any disruption or downtime for their employees.
Highest security accreditations needed to support this global requirement.


  • Cloud managed gateway
  • Improved targeted threat protection
  • Scalable and future proof
  • Advanced threat protection
  • Easy to deploy

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