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Outbound Group Sales Team, had a fantastic day out with one of our new partners, Zscaler last week.

Special thanks to Westcon-Comstor for hosting the VR event, as a lot was covered in both security and SaaS.

Zscaler is a leading cloud security company that specializes in providing comprehensive cyber security solutions for organisations in the digital age. Founded in 2008 by Jay Chaudhry, the company has rapidly risen to prominence as a trusted partner in safeguarding businesses and their digital assets from the ever-evolving threat landscape.

Zscaler’s innovative approach to cybersecurity centres around cloud-native security, which is designed to protect organisations as they migrate to the cloud and embrace digital transformation. The company’s flagship product, the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange, serves as a global cloud security platform, offering a wide range of security services, including secure web gateways, firewall as a service, data loss prevention, and more.

This cloud-first security strategy eliminates the need for traditional hardware and enables organisations to secure their networks, applications, and data from any location, on any device, with consistent and robust protection. Zscaler’s Zero Trust Exchange operates in real-time, providing organizations with the agility and scalability required to adapt to today’s dynamic threat landscape.

With a global customer base that spans across various industries, Zscaler is committed to ensuring that businesses can embrace the digital era without compromising on security. The company’s dedication to innovation, cloud-native solutions, and cyber security excellence has established Zscaler as a trusted partner in the fight against cyber threats and a driving force in the cyber security industry.